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Visual Teams: Graphic Tools for Commitment, Innovation, & High Performance Graphic Tools for Commitment, Innovation, and High Performance

von David Sibbet





Visualize team plans, processes, and results!
Visualization provides teams with a common language and serves as a powerful tool for improving processes and communicating big picture contexts. Building on the bestseller Visual Meetings, Visual Teams offers graphic tools and strategies for creating teams and sustaining results, whether you are co-located or spread around the world. This book highlights the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance Model, a tool used throughout such companies as Nike, Genentech, and Becton, Dickinson and Company. The model is a "map" to creating and sustaining high performance in all kinds of teams.
Some of the most creative teams in business are found in the software, architecture, and information-design professions--and the "design approach" of these teams is the key to their creativity and productivity. Visual Teams presents a "design approach" for building and leading an innovative, high-performance team.
"All of us who help teams do systemic, creative work on complex challenges know that it is essential for these teams to make their thinking visible. In this excellent book, visual-thinking pioneer David Sibbet shows us how."
--Adam Kahane, Reos Partners author of Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change
"Like David's own graphics, this book layersconcrete practices and abstract theories, historical insights, and visions of future possibilities. The book is a master's course in a kind of teamwork that's uniquely suited to our times."
--Kathi Vian The Institute for the Future
"David Sibbet is the world's master teacher in graphic facilitation. In this landmark work he is insightful, entertaining and practical as he helps teams, team leaders, and consultants improve team performance by making it visual."
--Allan Drexler Quality Team Performance
"David is a pioneer in the field of visual thinking and team effectiveness. In Visual Teams, he shares both a hard-won wisdom and the nitty-gritty about what it really takes to ensure that your great ideas prevail."
--Hilary Austen professor, consultant, and author of Artistry Unleashed: A Guide to Pursuing Great Performance in Work and Life
"Visuals nurture the heart as well as the mind. In Visual Teams David brilliantly demonstrates the power of graphics to foster inspiration, alignment, and results--a unique and exciting journey into the joys and challenges of teamwork."
--Meryem Le Saget Meryem Le Saget Consulting, Paris
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DAVID SIBBET is a world leader in the area of graphic facilitation and visual thinking for groups. He is the founder and president of The Grove Consultants International, a company whose leading-edge group-process tools and services for panoramic visualization, graphic facilitation, team leadership, and organizational transformation are used by consultants and organizations around the world. Sibbet has been the visual cartographer for the TED conference, and is the recipient of the OD Network Members Award for Creative Contribution to the field of organizational development.

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